‚Incorporando Palavras‘ at the Annual BMCA Conference_Self and Other

“How do we meet Other? Be it in nature, be it the unaccepted, be it the unknown, isolated or mysterious, the way we meet Other is a powerful space for choice. How does the answer live in the intelligence and organization of the body-mind? Can we meet where there is a place to explore and invite our differences, experience a new way of relating? How in meeting Other do we learn more about ourselves?”

On Wednesday, August 7 I’ll be presenting my research

„Incorporando Palavras_conceptualization with body and mind 

using kinesphere as an example“

Incorporando palavras is a practical research initiated with a group of dance students in teenage in Brazil and continued with the same group age in Germany. It unites embodiment both as the basic theoretical presuppositions of cognitive linguistics on the formation of concepts, and as a body-mind practice in the construction of a conscious movement as in BMC®. Specifically it is an investigation of accessing and understanding the concept of kinesphere from the exploration of the basic neurocelular patterns, as described in BMC®. Pedagogical strategies and practices were investigated and developed, in order to make this somatic process accessible to that age group. Incorporando Palavras aims to explore ways of creating awareness of bodily and movement principles underlying the notion of kinesphere in order to make this principles present in each one, in the relationship to person with him/herself as well as the relationships and interactions with others and with the environment.

Incorporando Palavras_Showing

Very happy to be part of that!!

Conference Program

2019 Conference_Self and Other

(c) Mell Caetano COPYRIGHT, 2015

Incorporando Palavras

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