Floor on Fire – Battle of styles

Floor on Fire  is a new format developed by HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden. It is based on the principle of breakdance battles, but with a new twist. The series of events combines various dance styles and links up dancers of different genres and generations. It is about skills, creativity and fun, it is about getting together, communicating and exchanging, which is made possible through both practising and understanding movement and expression in dance. Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Breakdance all start on an equal footing; they are measured using a different set of criteria and are mutually enriching. This leads to competition without scoring points and offers the opportunity for dancers, artists, audiences and members of the public from different fields to meet and to enjoy dance.

31.Jan.2015, um 19:00 Uhr

Festspielhaus Hellerau



http://www.tanznetz.de/blog/26819/gut-fur-den-tanz-gut-fur-dresdenFloor on fire

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